International Conference 9-10th May 2019

We would like to inform that Vincent Pol University in Lublin, together with the Institute of Rural Medicine in Lublin is organizing an International Conference on the following subject:

Functional improvement in damage to the central nervous system of children and adults


The aim of the Conference is, above all, to determine the conditions of self-control, in an optimal degree, independence in everyday activities by people with damage to the central nervous system. Presentation of the possibility of linking different, individualized forms of medical rehabilitation with environmental requirements is also an important goal of the Conference.

The conference is intended for professionals dealing with rehabilitating people with damage to the central nervous system, such as physicians, physiotherapists, special educators, psychologists and occupational therapists.

Additionally, we would like to extend the invitation to researchers from the field of pathology and prophylactics, and rehabilitating permanent changes stemming from the damage to the central nervous system. We will be paying special attention to borreliosis, which is especially problematic in terms of diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation.

We cordially invite you to participate in the Conference. At the same time, we would like to inform you that due to the high importance of the issues addressed to people with disabilities, the organizers have abandoned the payment for participation, but also are giving opportunities to potentially conduct your own presentation, related to the topic.   If you are interested in actively participating in the conference please send the title of your presentation, names of the authors and the name of the person conducting the presentation via e-mail before the end of February. An information about whether it will be a research paper or overview paper will also be appreciated. The presentations would last 20 minutes each, and can be conducted in Polish or English. All slides should be bilingual, either by translating text within the same file or by preparing two versions for parallel viewing on two monitors.

Additional Information:

The Conference will be taking place at Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland on 9th of May and continued at the Institute of Rural Medicine in Lublin on 10th May 2019.

The lectures will be published in Archives of Physiotherapy and Global Researches. Outstanding research paper could also be published in Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine if positively reviewed (this magazine is indexed in CurrentContents database, IF=1.116)

The organizing committee reserves its rights to qualify submissions due to the limited time during the conference. All information should be sent via e-mail:



Professor Witold Kłaczewski

Rector of Vincent Pol University in Lublin


 M.D Lech Panasiuk

Director of Institute of Rural Medicine in Lublin


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