English in Business

English Language in Business

The course is aimed at people who plan to study business or economics in English.

Course Fee: 120 hours / 2 semesters – 300 €

Course programme:

  • Presentation of structures and the development of language skills in all four areas:
  • Presentation of authentic business language which is practiced by the wealth of communication activities.
  • Business Skills section which is solely focused on the development of business skills such as negotiating, business presentations, writing e-mails, organising teleconferences, selling a product, having small talk, dealing with customers, presenting ideas, running business meetings and making recruitment interviews.

Required documents:

Course applicants should submit: an application form (you can download it from the VPU website or take it from the Recruitment room, copy of a passport, a photograph (35mm x 45mm).

You can bring the documents to Recruitment at VPU Choiny 2 , or apply online using the link:

Contact for more information

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