Golden Crosses of Merit for Henryk Stefanek, PHD and prof. Witold Kłaczewski, PHD.

On the 30th of January in Lubelskie Province Governor’s Office, governor Lech Sprawka awarded the distinguished citizens of the region in the name of president Andrzej Duda.

Among the distinguished citizens, the governor awarded our presidedent-chancellor, Henryk Stefanek, PHD and our rector, prof. Witold Kłaczewski, PHD. Both recieved Golden Crosses of Merit due to the 20 year anniversary of Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland.

Photo by: Małgorzata Gensa

„I recieved a Sliver Cross of Meric back in 1992 due to my involvement with the Ministry of Tourism, and currently the president of Poland has awarded me and the rector with the Golden Cross of Merit due to the 20 year anniversary of our university.” – said Henryk Stefanek, PHD, president-chancellor of VPU.

Source: Kurier Lubelski

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