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Our Physiotherapy MSc programme includes clinical placements, integrated throughout the course. It enables students to gain invaluable experience and enhance their learning. Students complete a minimum of 600 hours of clinical training. There is an opportunity to do practical training under the supervision of highly-qualified physiotherapists in a range of clinical facilities.


MSc in Physiotherapy prepares students for independent work with ill and disabled patients applying physical methods with preventive and healing purposes. Students gain the abilities of planning and controlling the effectiveness of a medical rehabilitation process. Acquiring these abilities is possible thanks to an extensive schedule of theoretical and practical classes within special methods used in physiotherapy, physical medicine and functional diagnosis and rehabilitation programming. Graduates are prepared for work in scientific research institutions, state administrative and municipal centers and gain the right to apply for a speciality in physiotherapy and PhD studies.

The graduates of Physiotherapy MSc have sufficient qualifications for working independently with ill and disabled patients. They are prepared for developing their career in scientific research institutions, and state administrative and municipal centres. The extensive variety of career opportunities makes physiotherapy an interesting profession, allowing students to develop not only professional, but also interpersonal skills.



Administration fee (non-refundable) – 200 Euro

Tuition fee (per year) – 3700 Euro


In order to make a transfer for studies conducted in English you will need the following transfer details:


Name: Wyzsza Szkola Spoleczno-Przyrodnicza / Vincent Pol University

Name of the Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Bank Address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 37, 20-950 Lublin, Poland



Foreign currency account – held in EURO

Beneficiary’s Account No: PL 81 1500 1520 1215 2009 1373 0000


Foreign currency account – held in USD

Beneficiary’s Account No: PL 58 1500 1520 1215 2009 9858 0000


Full costs of transfer are on the Student’s side. The university should receive full fees.



General Entry Requirements:


International students applying to our University have to submit documents confirming their graduation from a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy programme.


Language Requirements:


International students must submit a document confirming their knowledge of English, or are required to a attend an English language course. This requirement does not apply to students for whom English is a native language or was a language of instruction at school.

International students should demonstrate that they meet one of the following minimum language requirements:

TOEFL test with a score of at least 550,

IELTS test with a score of at least 6.0 for Bachelor and Master studies,

FCE test with grade B.

• Genetics
• Pharmacology
• Methodology of scientific research
• History of rehabilitation
• Philosophy
• Bioethics
• Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
• Special pedagogy
• Sociology of disability and rehabilitation
• Didactics of physiotherapy
• Demography and epidemiology
• Public health
• Law
• Economics and health systems
• Management and marketing

• Special methods in physiotherapy
• Physical medicine and balneoclimatology
• Functional diagnostics and rehabilitation programming
• Prosthetics and orthotics
• Functional motor activity
• Physical activities for the disabled
• Occupational therapy
• Complementary methods in rehabilitation
• Nutrition in sport
• Canine therapy
• Neurodevelopmental techniques (PNF,Neuromobilisation)
• Wellness and Spa
• Radiodiagnosis
• Diploma seminar
• Practical training

Following completion of the bachelor degree, physiotherapists are expected to continue to develop their knowledge and skills, which is why we offer a 2-year full-time degree programme, which leads to Physiotherapy MSc programme and allows physiotherapists to specialise in their chosen areas of interest.

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Basic Summary

MSc Physiotherapy

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

The mode of studies: Full-time

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Language of instruction: English

‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

ECTS Credits: 120

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