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60hrs – 2 semesters of study – 150


Italian language course

Do you dream of working abroad in the hotel, medical or cosmetology industries? We have a special offer: an Italian language course which will help you build your career.

The Italian language course allows to start learning at the elementary level and continue at the intermediate and advanced levels.

The course syllabus includes:

Acquiring practical skills to communicate in Italian,

Learning vocabulary

Training skills indispensable for the language user, such as comprehension of spoken Italian as well as reading and writing.

We provide:

Interesting study materials

Small groups

Support of a teacher with extensive experience

Consultations and conversations

After completing the course, a certificate is issued confirming the level of language knowledge.

Required documents:

Candidates should supply: application form, copy of ID/passport, payment confirmation.

Enroll now. Send the application form to: or apply in person: Room 26

Contact for more information

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