Lublin, Poland

Vincent Pol University (VPU) is located in Lublin in the eastern Poland, 170 km south of the capital city Warsaw, connected by high speed train links, and Lublin airport has direct flights to several major cities in Europe, including London, Dublin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Oslo. Lublin is a famous centre of learning, frequently referred to as “the Oxford of the East”. To the south of the city there are the Tatra Mountains, where you can try skiing in winter and mountain trekking in summer, and to the north there is the historic city of Warsaw. Travel to the west and you can visit the historic cities of Krakow and Prague. Or go further and experience Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Poland in Europe
Basic Info
and largest city



Official languages Polish
Population 38,433,6002
Ethnic groups
  • 97% Polish
  • 3% others
  • 86.9% Roman Catholic
  • 1.3% Orthodox
  • 10.8% Unspecified
Area 312,696 km2
Currency Polish Złoty (PLN)

However, you can also start your adventure with experiencing Europe from visiting Lublin, which is a historic city, dating back over 700 years, with many well-preserved traditional buildings and old streets contributing to its unique atmosphere. The most worth-seeing tourist attractions in the city include the Old Town, the Lublin Castle, the Grodzka Gate and the Lublin Museum of Rural Life.

VPU is situated close to the city centre, with an easy access for students by public transport or by car. Lublin has many affordable restaurants, bars and leisure facilities, and our students enjoy evenings out in the historic city centre. It is an ideal location for students from around the world, and we welcome you to VPU.

A brief look at Poland

Tary Foto: Kamil Michoński , 30/10/2018

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