First aid – Training courses

The  first aid 16-hour-long training course. The course is designed not only for those who have never dealt with first aid, but also for those who want to systematize their current knowledge. All sessions are composed of practical exercises with the minimal coverage of related clinical knowledge. Practical exercises are conducted with the help of simulating volunteers and resuscitation manikins. Fake injuries are prepared with the use of professional fake-make-up accessories.


Language of instruction: Polish, English


Course outline:

  • Assessment of the casualties’ condition.
  • Responding to the needs of unconscious casualties – placing an unconscious person in the recovery position.
  • Performing a cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – lifting the chin to open the airway, giving effective rescue breaths and performing chest compressions.
  • Responding to the needs of casualties with major injuries – shock, burns and scalds, significant blood loss, muscular and skeletal injury.
  • Responding to the needs of casualties in case of sudden condition.
  • Evacuation of casualties.


The training course is conducted by Polish Red Cross First Aid Instructors in accordance with the Polish Red Cross and European Resuscitation Council guidelines.

The participants who complete the course will obtain an International Certificate recognised in the EU.

  • 300 PLN per person ( 20 participants)
  • 400 PLN per person (15 participants)


For further information please contact:
Monika Wróbel MA
International Relations Office and Erasmus
+48 81 740 72 40 extensionno 43

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