Medical English for Physiotherapy

Join our Medical English for Physiotherapy language course
at the Academic Centre for Foreign Languages

Duration: 120 hours / 1 semester

Course fee:

About course:

The course is created for people who work or plan to work in medical industry especially physiotherapy, and who want to boost their language abilities in occupational environment.

Course programme:

  • Introduction and the development of all language skills :
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Wide spectrum of medical issues presented from the viewpoint of people with enormous professional experience
  • Authentic medical language used in practical communication classes
  • The improvement of skills necessary at work
  • Technical vocabulary

Required documents:

Candidates should provide: filled in application form, copy of ID card or passport.

After completing the course participants will receive the certificate.

The course will start when there are at least 10 participants.

Contact for more information

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