German Language for Medical Sector – Nursing

German Language for Medical Sector – Nursing

Course duration:

Course price: 150 € / 60 hours

Main goals:

  • acquiring the knowledge from the field of nursing in German
  • learning vocabulary characteristic of nursing
  • acquiring communicative skills in order to communicate with patients, colleagues and supervisors in German
  • breaking down language barriers
  • professional upskilling thanks to the command of German

Course Characretistics:

the course is based on the original teaching programme. During the course every learner receives a dictionary which contains medical vocabulary from each learning unit. The teacher also acquaints the course participants with grammar issues present in medical texts. Learners’ knowledge is constantly evaluated by a teacher (tests and papers). The course ends with an exam (grammar and vocabulary test) and the learners receive a certificate with a grade. The certificate, which is recognised by employers in UE, is drawn up both in German and English.

The course is divided in two parts:

a) Medical German – general version

These days, the employers from Germany more frequently look for medical personnel, especially Polish nurses, doctors and carers for the elderly who are valued in Germany for their good qualifications and propriety. Thus, VPU prepared a professional course of German for the workers of medical sector. The course includes the following topics:

  • the basics of anatomy
  • disease and health problems – vocabulary
  • disease symptoms in German
  • the description of medical test results
  • medical establishments in Germany
  • nursing homes in Germany – characteristics
  • German pharmaceutical concerns and medical devices
  • medical fairs in Germany
  • how to prepare oneself for a job interview in German
  • how to write CV, an application letter and an official letter

b) German for nurses

Nursing profession is becoming more and more popular these days. Many German medical establishments look for nurses and medical carers for the elderly. However, the employers require a command of German language. Thanks to the course offered by VPU nurses may have the possibility of professional upskilling. The course includes the following topics:

  • first day of work (introducing oneself, specifying the schedule and daily routine)
  • organisational structure of a hospital / health centre, the names of wards – vocabulary
  • specialisations: midwifery, paediatric, internist and surgical nursing – basic vocabulary
  • predispositions and duties of a nurse
  • daily routine of a nurse
  • nurse’s work in a treatment room
  • medical tips in German
  • communicating with a patient: setting up appointments, taking medical history of a patient while admission to a ward, preparing a patient to a surgery, giving tips on diet, hygiene and body care
  • communicating with patient’s family members and medical personnel
  • medical documentation in German
  • official phone calls
  • nurse’s house calls
  • drug treatment, explaining drug administration to a patient
  • taking blood pressure, temperature, pulse – basic vocabulary
  • the usage of medical equipment by a nurse
  • geriatric care and treatment, the forms of care for the elderly
  • pre-medical first aid

Teacher: Marzena Sokołowska, MA


Payment deadline: February 14th – in Cashier’s Office at VPU

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