Academic Centre for Foreign Languages

Academic Centre for Foreign Languages

ACFL was created in 2018 at Vincent Pol University in Lublin. We offer courses for:

  • prospective students
  • VPU students
  • people planning to take up a job
  • teachers of Polish as a foreign language outside Poland

We run one-year courses in Polish and English for foreigners who want to study nursing, international tourism, physiotherapy, beauty science or sports science.

Additional training courses in English and Polish for students who feel the need of further education.
Specialist Polish courses for people who plan to work in tourist industry or are interested in nursing, physiotherapy or beauty science.


Our Centre runs also specialist courses in medical or business German as well as Spanish.
Our courses are flexible and are adapted to suit the needs of the participants that is why we also offer online courses. We provide relaxed atmosphere and small groups or individual classes.
Apart from interesting classes and workshops we provide various activities connected with Polish culture and traditions (tours around Lublin, trips, going to the cinema or theatre) and also with cultures of other countries.


Our Centre guarantees the highest academic standards with experienced and qualified teachers and lecturers. We also provide a specialist academic library, comfortable rooms and various teaching materials.
After completing the course, participants are given a language certificate.

Contact Info:


Contact for more information

Recruitment rules for language courses

  1. Applications for courses are accepted:

– courses lasting until the end of August – recruitment until 12/06/2020

– courses starting on 01/10/2020 – recruitment until 31/09/2020

  1. Documents:

– completed application form,

– passport photocopy,

– photo for ID (annual courses),

– certificate if the course is higher than A1 level.

  1. The course can be started:

– with the number of candidates 8-10 – for group courses,

– with the number of candidates 6-8 – for online courses.

– candidates should pay the course fee within a week after registration

– the course will be launched after payment for the course by the candidates.

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